Be kind. Be honest. Be loyal. Family and close friends above all.

If your friend is passionate about something, then it’s important to you too: because this is important to your friend. You don’t have to get it, but don’t be the one who rags on it. Why would you even do that? Why strangle a voice? Why dampen passion when there is so little of it in the world? Rejoice with those rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, and maybe you should join your friend on that adventure.

J.S. (via jspark3000)

In the real world, if you have something about yourself that’s different, you’re lucky. It’s not a curse. (x)


Everyone talks about how Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar so many times but has never won, but Amy Poehler has been nominated for an Emmy FIFTEEN times and has never won.

Amy Poehler is to The Emmys as Leonardo DiCaprio is to the Academy Awards.

(Edit: Messed up the format of the analogy. My bad.)


remember when ginny weasley turned down the offer of going to the dance with harry (the boy she’d been crushing on for years) so that she could stay loyal to her date with neville and then completely called ron and harry out on their shit when they started making fun of neville good times good times